CIS 285 Object Oriented Programming  ( Java or C# )

Course Outline

The CIS285 class is set up so that it can be completed using Java OR C#.

Java and C# are Object Oriented languages that satisfy the State course description for CIS285.
Rather than have 2 separate courses, you will have the option to choose.
There will be separate Learning Modules for Java and C#.
Each Learning Module has its on Lectures and Assignments.
There is no introductory class in C# but, if you have had CIS212 Visual Basic Programming you will find the transition to C# is very simple.
Program development is identical to CIS212. The syntax is the same as C++.
CIS 213 Advanced Visual Basic textbook is used with code Examples in C#


C#  ( C-Sharp )

There is NO requirement that you purchase the "official textbook" for this class.
There are many good Java reference books that cover the same topics.

 The "official" textbook is the Java Programming Advanced Topics

CIS 213 Advanced Visual Basic textbook is used with code Examples in C#
Blackboard will contain a Leaning Module that will provide Introductory C# lectures and Examples to help you get up to speed.
You will be expected to complete the assignments using C#.

Java Programming: Advanced Topics, 3rd Edition

Joe Wigglesworth - IBM Research Lab, Toronto, Canada

Paula McMillan - IBM Research Lab, Toronto, Canada

ISBN-10: 0619159685  ISBN-13: 9780619159689

982 Pages

A good Java reference book:

Cover image for product 0764568744
Ivor Horton's Beginning Java 2, JDK 5 Edition
Ivor Horton
ISBN: 978-0-7645-6874-9
1512 pages
December 2004

Large Cover

Advanced Programming Using Visual Basic 2008, 4/e
Julia Case Bradley, Mt. San Antonio College
Anita C. Millspaugh, Mt. San Antonio College
ISBN: 0073517224
Copyright year: 2010