Microsoft Dreamspark for Academic Institutions

Registering your new Dreamspark account:

(only available to students registered for Business and Information Systems courses)

  1. Check your email account for a registration email from
  2. New account registration emails should arrive after each new Semester begins.
  3. Problems with Registering your account:
    1. You may need to copy the registration link( more than 1 line) to your browser address bar.
    2. View Registration Video

Microsoft Dreamspark Logon

Password: created at first logon

Microsoft Dreamspark makes some licensed Microsoft software available to the Department of Business and Information Systems computer labs, faculty and students registered for classes requiring software.*

(* MS Office  is NOT available through Dreamspark )

Microsoft Software Available  Courses that Use this Software
MS Access CIS 146, CIS 117, CIS 222
Visual Studio CIS 251, CIS 215, CIS 216
MS Visio CIS 150,  CIS 222
MS Expression Studio 3 or 4 ( contains Expression Web) CIS207. CIS 208
Windows OS Networking and Others
Other Applications made available by Microsoft As needed


How does it work?


1.  Select and Download software

Software and Licenses are issued and tracked by the Electronic License Management System (ELMS). 


2.  Burn .ISO file to DVD

  • Most software downloads as an ISO file which must be burned to a DVD.
  • On the Order Details screen you were given a key.
  • Just below the key was this link
  • Burning the .ISO/.IMG file onto a disc
  • Which leads you to the instruction file below


3.  OR you can extract and load directly from your drive